Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A new backyard

Backyard Landscaping - 5-6 July 2008

With so much amazing help from Mom and Dad, we have a new, usable, functional, lovely, and almost finished back yard. If we hadn't been short-shipped on the blocks for the pine tree bed, then it would be done. I only hope when the blocks finally get in stock this week, that it'll have stopped raining. Unfortunately, I will be in Olds this weekend, and so won't be able to help do any of the work (and that's assuming the blocks come in).

It's so wonderful to look outside and not see the rotting deck, or the dirt pile upon which nothing grew, even in the five weeks between removal of the deck and this past weekend's work. There is a nice big space to brush Priest, a stable surface to put the chairs on and sit outside, the bed along the garage has a nice finished look to it, and all I need to do now is kill the random bush in the corner and fertilize and mow the little bit of lawn more often. Mike wants a turkish grill, and we're thinking of getting a kiddie pool for Priest, since it's bound to go up over 30 again.

Oh, and I need a door. Or maybe something from here. Just a door. We have the perfect fairy tree.



That looks fantastic!! Good work everyone! And Priest definitely needs a kiddie pool. That would be so funny. I love the mini doors too! I think I need one. None of our trees are big enough yet, but I think I need one anyway. =D

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