Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bruised, Battered, but not Bloody

So today I went for a blood test. I wondered if the not-panic-attack was a fluke. Well, turns out it wasn't. I even sat up. I even looked at the needle once it was in. But what I didn't get was blood taken. Despite the fact that I was calm, my veins decided to flatten out like cartoon bears sneaking into the ranger's house and pretending to be a bear rug, and decisively said, "No, thank you, no blood today."

Three nurses. Five needles, two in the back of each hand and one in my right elbow. And no blood.

So I have to go back and try again. Which I'm not looking forward to despite this new reaction to the experience.



Wow... must be nice that the phobia is mostly gone. Now if only your veins would cooperate...

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