Friday, December 14, 2007

Off. Very, very off.

It's not as bad as yesterday. Yesterday I'd call people and they'd answer the phone, or they'd call me, or walk by and speak, and I know it was English. I do. But for the life of me, I couldn't understand them. At least that hasn't happened today. Yet.

It's probably a combination of stupid work stress and starting the supplements. Actually, it's probably mostly the supplements. I started on Wednesday night, and I'm taking (I'm not exaggerating; I'll take pictures if you like) 19 supplements a day (20 when the one that was out of stock comes) from 10 different pill bottles. Add to that the tart cherry concentrate I'm adding to one bottle of water a day, and the tablespoon of dirt (I swear it's dirt. I know it's not, but that's what it looks, tastes, and feels like) that I need to mix into just over a quarter litre of water and shoot, and chase with another quarter litre, and that's a lot of new stuff that's going into my system. And my system, which is so used to living with what's wrong with it, is waking up and taking notice. And knocking on the door like a nosy neighbour that isn't too impressed with the landscaping you're doing and saying, "Excuse me. Just what is it that you think you're going to accomplish? A decrease in property value? See if you get any enjoyment out of that, you silly person!"

Okay, maybe that's just a little random, and the simile doesn't quite work. Who cares? I'm off, I told you already.

I'll just keep telling myself that if you're going to flush the toxins out of the system and get things that are imbalanced back in balance, you're going to feel like crap. I mean, worse than you already felt. And at some point, you'll start feeling better. At some point, English will actually be English again, and life will be good. Until then, if I look at you blankly when you speak to me, it might be a good idea to repeat yourself. Very slowly. Or type it out and show it to me. I seem to have no problem understanding the written word.

In other news, the four Harry Potter scarves are on their way to new happy homes! I don't know how much my beloved Hufflepuff scarf or the Slytherin scarf went for, but the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor scarves brought in $42 each for the Christmas Bureau! Am I sad to see them go? Not really. Someone will get great enjoyment from them. I've also been asked if maybe I'd be willing to make some on contract after Christmas. I'll have to think about that. I offered the asker that I'd teach her daughter and her friends to make them themselves, 'cause they're so easy. We'll see what happens.

I am down to two knitting projects (Mike's scarf and my afghan), as I also finished the baby blanket! I'll try to rescue all the pictures from the camera this weekend and do a photo update post. And post some pictures of our decorated house. Before Mike takes advantage of my non-understanding-English to get me to say yes to opening presents...



In a month this day will be a distant memory... Congrats on "earning" so much on your scarves! Warm fuzzy feeling inside...

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