Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Shhh.... We'we hunting wabbits...

Few of the blogs I frequent have posted new news lately. But then, neither have I. So I figured I'd start the ball rolling, to see some new content! :)

I am three hours away from two well-deserved days off. Huzzah. You can sense the excitement from there, can't you? I mean, really, I am looking forward to them. I'm going to be cooking, cleaning, and knitting, and exploring things like baking pumpkin, making chocolates, and my new Miele vacuum cleaner (thank you, Farmor; I will think of you and how you hated cleaning every time I use my new, fabulous Miele vacuum, because I hate cleaning too. We couldn't have done it without you). I will be running out of yarn for the baby blanket I'm knitting as a gift (990 yards! I only have 225! ARGN!), but finishing the third Harry Potter scarf and starting the fourth and last one for donation. I will be piecing together a half-decent costume, though I haven't made a prefect's badge and probably won't get to it. I will keep bothering Mike about alternately wrapping my birthday present (but since I was there when he bought it, I might give up on this one) and writing my birthday card. I will be arranging for activities for the party, but there probably won't be prizes. And it will be fun to let the fencing world run itself for a couple of days, because they're really stressing me out right now.



Happy Birthday, Vanessa!!

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