Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Posts Owed and Getting Older

I have had two things in the last week and a half that were blog-worthy. Sadly, for the one I keep forgetting about the necessary supporting documentation, and for the other, it happened last night, but I don't think I can post about it until I post about my birthday. So I will talk about my birthday, and then make a new post about what happened last night. :)

I am thirty now. It doesn't feel a whole lot different that 29, but maybe it will soon. After all, it's a whole new decade. This is the decade where I will set the groundwork for my retirement, where I will have children, where I will never have stronger bones than I do right now, and where I will hopefully bring my pain levels down and my energy levels up. This is the decade that I get married, make as big an impact on my piece of the world as I can, and start becoming crotchety instead of hip and cool (if I ever was...).

But before all that happens, we have to have a Harry Potter Party.

Click me for more pictures!

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the party so successful and memorable! Thank you also to those who couldn't be there, but were thinking of us that day. I had a wonderful time, and I couldn't ask for better people to share such a celebration with.


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