Tuesday, April 24, 2007


One year ago today, very nearly to the hour, I was in a car accident. It wasn't a bad one per se, but bad enough, and I'm still suffering from the whiplash I incurred that morning. I sit here now with my left shoulder aching, my left arm behaving oddly, knowing that it's my right side that's probably tighter and more enflamed, and I wonder how different I would possibly be feeling right now if the accident hadn't occurred, if whomever it was in the minivan that was being ridiculously stupid so that everyone had to check their rearview as they passed knows the effect his/her lack of spatial awareness. I wonder how the other two gentlemen who were involved in the accident are doing. When I picked up my car from the dealership where the repairs were done, I heard that the one (he was the third vehicle, and therefore "at fault") continued to be shaken up, to the point where he was reluctant to drive. I wonder if he has gotten over that. I wonder too about the man in the middle, who got hit from behind, then ran into me. His jostling must have been much worse than mine, and if I am still suffering, what must he be going through? I know it doesn't do to think about what life would be like if events hadn't occurred. Curse my imagination, though.

Speaking of imagination, as I was a Provincials wrapping up the Gryffindor scarf (pictures soon!), someone came up and asked me if I was trying to get the job as "whatever your job is" of the Alberta Quidditch Association. This has completely occupied my imagination ever since. I almost want to write a story about a day in the life of the Executive Director of the Alberta Quodpot and Quidditch Association. Alas, my experience with team sports is extremely limited. But I can imagine... :D

87 days, and I finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone yesterday! There are 145 chapters left, and only 53 more days at the gym to read them, assuming I maintain a MTWFSa schedule, and taking out the trip to Nationals and Summer Camp (of course, they usually have a gym of some kind in the hotel, so I may still be able to salvage the TWFSa of Nationals...). That's just shy of 3 chapters per session, and some chapters are LONG... Not sure if I have built up enough stamina t do the elliptical for 40 minutes to an hour. The 30 yesterday was tough enough... If I take out Half-Blood Prince and say I'll read that at Summer Camp, then it's just over two chapters a day. I'll have to consider...


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