Saturday, December 23, 2006

G.I.F.T. Challenge, Part 4

I made it! Okay, barely, but I did make it! This morning, I finished reading Christmas Magic, ed. David Hartwell, which has been on my bookshelf for about four years with a bookmark in the middle. This year, I started from scratch, and read through the entire thing. Huzzah! I finally finished it!

The verdict? Sadly, I was a little disappointed. There were some high points, as there always are with short story collections. The pinnacle was Janet Kagan's The Nutcracker Coup. It won a Hugo for good reason! I so enjoyed it, and found it extremely easy to read and fall into, to the point where I find myself thinking I should check her out as an author. Other highlights were Bedlam Inn by Madeleine Robins, Santa Rides a Saucer by Donald A. Wollheim, Merry Gravmas by James P. Hogan, The Last Belsnickel by Chet Williamson, and Death in the Christmas Hour by James Powell. Some of the others were good but less memorable. As for the rest, I confess I expected more. Humour seemed forced, satire seemed to not quite make it there, emotion was lacking, clarity wasn't exactly a priority, or the story was just... ho hum. Next Christmas, therefore, when I feel the need for some Christmas spirit, I will pick it up and only read my favourites.

In two hours, give or take, we hit the road. I probably won't post again until we get back, so Merry Christmas, everyone!


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