Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Waiting for the next shoe

On the heels of my grandfather's passing came a few other, not nearly as large and encompassing but still, bad events.

Ferrari, our bad-tempered red bulldog of a betta, went to that great big rice patty in the sky the weekend I was in Winnipeg. We believe that his jump out of the tank and to the floor during feeding time a few weeks before was a mitigating factor. He is sorely missed. However, rather than break down the tank, since it was already cycled, we brought another betta in to fill the void. Beamer is a mottled turquoise character, who can't seem to decide what on earth is going on. He is a little skittish, but he's settling in well. Ducati, I'm happy to report, is doing fine, though we've had some deaths in our 20g tank as well. We are less emotionally attached to those fish, but I wish I could confirm that it's the heat that killed them...

Also the weekend I was in Winnipeg, Mike was reinjured at work. After a couple of days off and an aborted attempt to return, he is back on Workers' Compensation until at least the end of the month. Around the same time, my back began acting up, so neither of us have been getting much in the way of sleep for the past two weeks. On a brighter note, Mike has been whittling his way through a list of small, light chores while he's been at home, and my back seems to be stabilizing again. I have actually been able to get books back into the library, and non-fiction is organized. Progress is slow, but steady. It's just... the house isn't clean. Maybe this weekend...

Perhaps I'm starting (starting?) to get a little paranoid, but I can't help but be looking over my shoulder waiting for the next thing. Someday we'll catch a break, I'm sure, and it may be because I'm so tired, but I feel like I'm just waiting for another shoe, another bad-luck thing. I think I should stop that, but I'm not sure how right now.

Perhaps I should try to dwell in the happy news? Mom returns from Denmark this weekend, and my grandmother has been moved to a nursing home, so the whole family can stop worrying so much on that note. We've discovered the wonderful Saturday St. Albert Farmers' Market. I bought a dress for Sheila and Nathan's wedding (no shoes, though), and have started knitting a shawl to go with it. Hopefully that turns out. The weather is nice. Our garden is running rampant, but at least it's growing. I'm getting used to the colour in the bathroom, though I'm wondering about doing the touchups once we reseal the vanity. Chores are getting done, slowly, piecemeal. All my books are out of boxes. We go to Calgary the August Long. I'm taking a week off at the end of July.


*Ness peers over her shoulder. There must be something coming...*


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