Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tour de Fleece, Day 9: Team Talespinners Challenge Day


Well, that was a long and busy day. Times that you can't see in the mosaic above:

  • Start: 7:41 am

  • With breaks for talking to Mom, walking Priest, buying cookbooks at Chapters, and groceries, finished spinning one third of the bag by 5:00 pm. Given that I watched one full disc of Faery Tale Theatre, plus spun a little bit more, I'm estimating about 4.5 hours of spinning for this third of the bag

  • With doing dishes and making and eating dinner, done chain-plying the single by 8:59 pm

  • Wound onto niddy noddy by 9:18 pm. Letting it rest overnight before giving it a bath, because I've got laundry on the drying rack right now

Specifics: ~64.8 metres of Louet Northern Lights Wool Top in 'Burning Bush.' The Talespinners challenge is to spin something inspired by a fairy tale character. I had started this thinking Firebird or Phoenix on its pyre, but I wasn't feeling it as I spun. As luck would have it, I happened across the sequel to Rapunzel's Revenge while I was hunting up cookbooks at Chapters, and I thought this yarn, with its red and brown tones, matched up with the main character of that retelling well. So I will call this yarn (and the two other thirds that have yet to be spun) Punzy.


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