Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tour de Fleece, Day 20


Whoops. That whole going on vacation, traveling to Calgary, and visiting people really took a chunk out of my ability to post. And spin. But here's what I've been doing! A) Finished up the purple stuff. ~60 metres, nice and thin and even. B) Knitted the Swiss yarn into a bowl to felt. Couldn't find an appropriate pattern for 55 metres, so faked it. Knit from the centre out, with M1Ls and M1Rs at the four corners for four colours, then even for the rest. Discovered I had much less of the orange than any other colour. Felting will be tomorrow morning! C) Spun up two blue singles, and am working on the orange for a three-ply. A spindle blowout means that the blue is stretched across three spindles. Pictures of the plying to come!

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