Monday, July 05, 2010

Tour de Fleece 2010: Day Three


Top left, centre: Thistle, unknown fibre, plied today (badly), soaking now. 31.2 m. My dad made the niddy noddy.

Bottom left, bottom centre: Swiss wool, unknown fibre, brought by my parents back from Switzerland last summer. Eight different colours, one handful of each. Spinning the single. Did the white (you can see it below the green) and the green today. Yellow and purple to go, then time to chain ply. Spindle is a Snow White top whorl from The Dragonfly Workshop.

Right top, bottom: Next up, Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Sliver in Moss left over from my thrummed mittens (I had to buy more). My dad made this spindle as well.

Top centre: Also received today, hand carders! Loaned to me by a friend at work. :)

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