Saturday, May 09, 2009


Breakfast: Yoghurt, muesli, frozen berries (mostly thawed)
Lunch: Leftover pizza
Dinner: Sushi, fake Moxie's Mayan Salad
Snacks: none
Liquids: two pots black currant tea, iced tea, Booster Juice
Treats: none
Exercise: Walk with Priest

Ahh... The first disc of Pride and Prejudice in the dvd player, my faithful dog snoozing on the couch, tea steeping, heating pad in easy reach, and 15/32 rows done on the navy blue of the afghan. If my shoulder didn't hurt so much, I'd say it'd be the perfect Saturday evening. :)

My shoulder is killing me, however, and I don't expect it to really improve much until after chiro on Monday. I will try to clean at least the small bathroom tomorrow before the greyhound walk, however. I hate to jinx us, but I think spring has finally arrived, despite the lingering snowpile beside the elementary school. Priest is getting some stamina back, but is resolutely NOT blowing his winter coat. Silly boy. I'm still trying to decide what to do with the backyard. Soil and sod? Just rake it up? Maybe try the latter, and resort to the former if necessary. Decisions, decisions.

Mrs. Bennett's nerves call. I do so love this miniseries.


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