Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Trigger Point Injection #1


I am at home today, as the nausea is really bad, and I just wasn't going to be effective at work because of it. I'm going to eat here in a little bit, and quickly post this, as the nausea is so much better when I'm lying down.

The injections themselves were nothing, really. So as not to overwhelm me, the doctor only did my left side yesterday, four shots. The needle was no worse than an acupuncture needle, and for all except the one in my neck, I didn't even feel the medicine being injected. The one in my neck, though, I felt that go straight up into the back of my head. I can't really describe the feeling well. She told me I would feel miserable for a few days (uh huh), and had me sit in the waiting room to see if I would react to the medication (I didn't). The muscles definitely felt different. My left arm was tingly and hard to lift. On the drive home, my jaw muscles on the left side suddenly released, and even now are pretty loose. But when I got home, I had to lay down on the couch and sleep. But I was done for. I was exhausted and nauseous and had trouble with my left arm. We ordered in, and Mike sent me to bed at 9. Then I slept horribly, only dozing from about 3 onwards. So I stayed home today.

For all those negative reactions, the muscles do feel different, and she did say that I might not see much of an improvement after the first time, so I'll give it a chance. But this definitely indicates that I'd better pick another day to celebrate my birthday, because the 14th is DEFINITELY going to be shot.

Urgh, gotta lie down again. Thanks for listening.



Let's hope this works in the long term :)

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