Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hutch and (not so) Useless Closet

Just a quick photo post about this phase of new furniture. :)

Before the hutch. But try and imagine it with a Humphrey Bogart picture on the right, and CDs and DVDs on the shelves.

Delivered! Isn't it pretty?

Now fully set up and packed.

And now with doors closed and dog bed in place.

Not so useless closet anymore!

Stupid hallway; it's impossible to get a good picture without doors and such getting in the way.



Looking good!


Excellent work! It's amazing how much stuff you can put into a tiny space with the help of appropriate shelving.
Missed you last night at knitting. I'll be with Liz at the grain elevators on Saturday for a bit of WWKIP day.


was that a photo of Cary Grant on the left? :-)

Queen of Swords

It is Cary Grant. :) I have to find a new place to put my pin-up boys now!

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