Monday, May 05, 2008

It's going to be a bright, bright bright sunshiny day...

Well, here I am at work, fighting the third day of a headache that shades to migraine without quite getting there. The smoothie I brought for a snack has turned a very unappealing shade of brown (probably the banana) and is slightly more bitter than it should be, but I'm drinking it anyway, and there is little enough to do in this lull between tournament season and Summer Camp, so I think today I actually will make my preferred early leaving time (as I try to reduce my banked time to more reasonable levels). Waiting at home for me are dirty bathrooms, three more loads of laundry, and the most adorable greyhound who wants to get outside in the sunshine (when he's not using unwound hanks of expensive yarn as toys). But between the headache and the fatigue, both the couch and the bed are looking like more appealing venues to spend the afternoon, as much as I would love to get out into the sunshine too (but it hurts my head).

Also waiting for me at home is yarn. Wonderful, bright blue, soft 100% merino that Priest also loved, and has been knitted through the provisional cast-on (I made it work!) and the first 14 rows of this. Which is not destined for me, but for a friend, and I will have to keep that constantly in mind because I love the yarn so much. *sigh* But it is lace, and I don't think lace and headache will mix well, if I feel I can handle knitting at all today. So if I can, I will work on the blanket instead, or maybe tear back the sock and try that again. Straight knit or straight purl. Yeah, maybe I can handle that.



Oooo! That shawl will be gorgeous!

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