Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A note for when it occurs

I spent about an hour today trying to find a bridal shower gift for a shower this weekend. The trouble with buying a shower gift is that I know what I would want as shower gifts, but I don't know if that's necessarily what other people would want. I settled on something that fell kind of in the middle, and I hope it'll be acceptable.

Someday, Mike and I will actually set a date, and when that happens, someone might throw me a bridal shower. For that eventuality, here is a list of things I'd love. When you see the list, you'll probably realize why I have such a hard time shopping for bridal shower gifts.

-Distraction. Let's face it, life itself is hectic and crazy, but add wedding planning, and it gets downright insane. I would love to get any number of distractions as shower gifts. Yarn, a colouring book and pencil crayons (Harry Potter, maybe?), seed beads and stretchy cord to make necklaces, large and complicated puzzles, anything to distract me from all the pressures for a couple of hours.

-FunUNderwear (yes, you have to say it like that). Not lingerie, because the purpose of funUNderwear is not seduction. The purpose of funUNderwear is to promote some self-confidence. You smile at everyone because you know something they don't, and hopefully never will. You're wearing something fun beneath your clothes. Yay! Size large (I doubt that will change), and I'm not much of a thong kind of girl, but anything else goes, as long as it's fun!

-Dragons. To this day, I still really like dragons. Stuffed cute dragons, figurines, pictures, as long as it's pretty and not kitschy, it's good for me.

-Books. Maybe this kind of falls under distractions, but me and books, well, you know me and books. So yeah. Any book you think is appropriate. Books about keeping the romance alive, books about housecleaning, books about cooking, books about military history. I don't know. Whatever you think I'd like.

For the lucky bride-to-be this weekend, I settled on a book that kind of falls under the distraction category, and will write a brief inscription inside saying why I chose it. I hope I did okay.


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