Friday, January 18, 2008

May you live in interesting times

Was it a good idea to do everything at once? Maybe not. But that's the situation, so we have to live.

Priest is settling in pretty well. He's only had one accident so far, but we'll (meaning I'll) be a bit more strict about letting him out often. He hangs out in his Xpen more often than not (we had to put the crate away 'cause he just wouldn't go in it), and eats like it's his last meal despite the two tennis balls in his food dish he has to get around. We may need to add a third... The morning walks are good, though he hates his temporary jacket (which was one of mine). He talks about it in his post today. But I've been too tired to go with Mike and him most evenings.

And this is where I wonder if all the changes at once was a good idea. Since Monday, I've been doing the diet recommendations that the nutritionist gave me. No wheat except sprouted and unyeasted, no dairy, no sugar, lots of veggies, and no animal protein with carbohydrates. About Wednesday, the nasties in my system were doing their best Wicked Witch of the West impression ("I'm melting, meeeeelllllllltttttting!"), even now I continue to be not too interested in food, though the nausea has subsided somewhat. The actual supplement part of the cleanse should be arriving today, which means the next three weeks are going to be... interesting. Especially finding things to cook. But I've asked her to send me a cookbook as well, so that should help. Dad, I promise, when you come up, you won't starve, but you'll definitely be eating some different things. If you want something in particular for any meal, let me know so I can buy it ahead of time.

Mike gets to cheat with his breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, but he is also trying to eat a little differently for those (i.e. breakfast pita from Costco with organic peanut butter instead of bagel with cream cheese for breakfast). But not me. I get to have plain yoghurt with flax and pumpkin seed cereal on top for a snack. And leftovers or sprouted wheat tortillas with hummus and pumpkin and sunflower seeds and vegetables for lunch. And cereal with soy milk for breakfast.

I really miss wheat. And cheese. Together. *sigh*

More pictures of Priest in a new album on Picasa: Priest.


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