Friday, November 16, 2007

What's new?

Once again, I see a dearth of new content in my favourite blogs. Oh, Gill keeps posting things, but more and more I just want to give her a great big hug and forward her job ads that I get via the sport contacts I have up here... And the Yarn Harlot is always posting about something new, and last week was filled with hilarious server issues ("SMACK MY SERVER!" I can totally relate to that!). But I am not sure what's going on with some of my favourite people, and I really should probably be emailing them and letting them know I'm thinking about them rather than posting something in the slim hope of guilting them into a new post.

What's new in St. Albert? I'm still having trouble arranging the sideboard with only one fish-tank, but I'm not so sad anymore. Dad helped us get the doors off of the useless closet, so now we're figuring out what to do with it. Right now there's one bookcase and one CD case in there, but it needs some paint and a piece of wood, so true arranging probably won't happen until over the Christmas break. Speaking of Christmas, I'm finally starting my Christmas shopping! I should really be starting on the cards and letters, but I think starting the shopping first is okay. I will also try to burn through the rest of the Sarah Keels baby blanket this weekend, as I'm on to the decreasing stage! Oh, and I got my Ravelry invitation, which is totally nifty.

Oh, and I am waiting for snow. The middle of November, and we've had barely a skiff thus far, and the biggest one only stuck around for two days. When it comes, I'm sure we'll get hit hard, but until then, I'm just waiting. I kind of miss it, but I'm glad I don't have to wear my winter jacket yet. Mostly because it's old and needs to be replaced... :)



The new look is great. Sorry no new posts on my end! Nothing to write about? I friended you on Ravelry tho'...

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