Thursday, March 16, 2006

The wheels on the bus go...

So, while one car is held hostage by the extended warranty people at the dealership, I've been taking the bus to work. Thankfully, it only takes about five minutes more than driving does, and today, I had the foresight to bring a book along. I read about eight pages! It's nice to have this as an option, actually. If it wasn't so inconvenient for some work things, like going to the bank, I could probably make a case to do it all the time. Currently, Mike is driving his car to work. In two days, he put more mileage on it than I did all of last week. Hopefully we can get through these tedious negotiations and get the Grand Prix's repairs done and back in our possession today. I'm already drafting an unpleasant letter to the warranty people's customer service department in my head, because this is ridiculous.

In other news, I have joined up with a few other people on the third floor here to go for a half-hour walk about three times a week. I have high hopes that this little bit of exercise will compliment the salad-lunches, and may inspire me to go for my own walks when I get home on the off-days and weekends.


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