Monday, December 06, 2004

The Definition of the Perfect Weekend

Being told Friday afternoon that, no, you don't have malaria, and no, you don't have to get blood taken to test for it. Hallelujah!

Spending two hours talking poetry and theory with three other people from class.

Not feeling like you bombed either your midterm or your quiz retake Saturday morning.

Being told by your professor that she thinks you belong in the graduate program. Reaffirmation!

After drinking too much alcohol and too much caffeine, having something much more pleasant to think about than just, "I wish I could sleep."

Extending Sunday night far, far, FAR past the time you should be in bed, simply because you don’t really want to kick the company out.

Falling asleep smiling Sunday night, and waking up smiling Monday morning.

Such is bliss, my friends. Such is bliss...



Hee hee, you're so funny.... Of course I am privy to the inside joke... Sounds like your weekend was great and I'm really glad you've been smiling so much. You deserve it.



Either no one else reads your blog, or they're just too clueless to think that maybe something more than a lack of malaria and some scholastic encouragement amount to bliss in your books. Just how long do you plan to sit on this and wait for responses? =D

Queen of Swords

What, I'm not allowed to be overly subtle? Not allowed a little bit of fun with the (obviously) infrequent readers of my weblog? Not allowed to have a surprise (I have them so infrequently...)? Not allowed a little... je ne sais quoi?

How long will I sit on it... Long enough, and not a moment more. It will come out in due course, I'm sure. Unless someone wants to post something decidedly not subtle in the comments here... Hmmm...


Is this where I come in?

Alright, so who is he?


I've been wondering since you posted, btw, I've just been too busy with end of term to send you an e-mail!

Queen of Swords

Apparently, this is where you come in!

Who is he? He's new, and interesting, and all the locals will meet him soon enough, because I have a feeling he's going to be around for quite a while.

That'll do for now...


Me.... I am nobody... I am but a Shadow that comes and goes without a trace... Unless of course I am caught... and that I have been.... *grins* So many questions, So many answers.... *bows* but for now I must go... Work calls... *inno*



Wow! He's a poet as well as a gentleman... or is it Shakespeare??


Queen of Swords

No, not Shakespeare. All Mike. :) All mine.

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