Monday, November 01, 2004


Sunday afternoon, Sheila and I went through my closet. I have become increasingly dissatisfied with it, and Sheila came across a lovely book called The Pocket Stylist, so with measuring tape, book, and an eye to be ruthless, we went at it.

The pile of clothes that we deemed completely unsuitable was larger than the pile of clothes that were fine and the pile of clothes that could be kept for emergency purposes put together. I knew before that I had few clothes in my closet that I was comfortable wearing. Now, I just have few clothes in my closet.

I can't decide whether I'm happy about this or not. On the one hand, my weight has stabilized, so I can actually go and buy clothes now and expect them to fit for a good long while. Huzzah! On the other, I've had to toss over half my closet. Hmmm... Part of me decries the waste, but I never really wore any of it, and I never felt comfortable when I did.

My task is now to pinpoint what pieces I need to add to the clothes I have left to make a functional wardrobe. Wish me luck!



Good luck... btw, we haven't had a new post in quite a while. What's happened?

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