Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Living alone and doing all my own grocery shopping means that I have more motive, means and opportunity to give in to cravings. Motive: Now I can! Means: Hey, it's all my own money, I can spend it how I like. And opportunity: It's me pushing the shopping cart, and everything that's in it is for me too!

This week, it was All-sorts. Went to the bulk foods and scooped out a little bag of them. I know I shouldn't, empty calories and all that, but damn, even though they're a little stale, they're so good. But I do have some self control. Last week, I finally gave in to my craving for KD. Bought a box, cooked it, ate it, and thought to myself, "There we go. Now I don't crave it any more. And I probably won't for several weeks, if not months. Urgh..." Note to self: I can no longer eat a whole box by myself. Save some for leftovers.

I get cravings for the strangest things. You will rarely hear me talk about dying for chocolate or ice cream. I crave some things that are bad for me (the two above, and Pringles are the ones that crop up most often), but I also crave tomatos, cherry tomatos especially. Or shrimp. I'll go nuts for them on occasion as well. Orange juice comes up every once in a while. And sometimes I absolutely, positively must have cashews.

It's not just food. I'll also crave a dose of Hugh Jackman, but since I purchased the X-Men set, I can satisfy that one anytime I want. I'll be desperate for Pride and Prejudice too, which is also no longer a problem (I have the best sister). Unfortunately, there's a burning desire for due South building inside me, but I shall resist, or maybe rent a disc, if I can find a video store that does so.

I won't even talk about music. And let's just forget about books.

What is it in the human psyche that makes us want some things to the exclusion of others? Why must we have things, and why do these wants stick with us, almost take us over in some cases? Strange, strange. I guess we all have, in some way, addictive personalities. It's what we choose to get addicted to, and how often we allow ourselves to indulge, that defines us.



I crave olives sometimes. I went through a phase where if I didn't have olives mid-morning, I couldn't properly work. They improved my writing. Why? Who knows...

I'm not sure I would go so far as to say we all have addictive personalities. Maybe it's just usual for us to want some things. I mean, the 'body wisdom' theory would suggest that it's because our body somehow knows we need something in them. Shiatsu, on the other hand, suggests that we crave things because we DON'T need them; i.e. we only crave what's bad for us.

Which reminds me, would you e-mail me the name of your massage therapist?

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