Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blood from a stone and other adventures

Finally got my blood taken on Tuesday. This time it took an hour and three needles, including one in my FOOT! Has anyone else had them try to take blood from your foot? For me, it was a try, didn't work. The successful poke came after I ran my hands under hot water for about four minutes, then we rushed back to the room and the nurse tourniqueted both my hands to see which one would give her a usable vein. When the blood started flowing, I was admonished not to move or even breathe, lest we break the spell. I was hydrated, as warm as I could be. I can't say as I'm looking forward to going through this every time I need a blood test. There must be something else I can do. Suggestions?

I'm also quite frankly exhausted. I blame increased pain levels associated to both pain clinic not letting me go to the chiropractor (until today!!!), and the drive to and from Olds this past weekend, which has rendered my left arm unhappy and tending towards useless with reduced mobility, strength, and feeling. But Pain Clinic has told me that I can go to chiro if I want to! Not for the arm, of course, but for the lower rib that's out that's impacting my breathing. Hey, I'll take what I can get.

We get new furniture today! Furniture with cushions that don't start escaping when you sit down! Furniture that is comfy and overstuffed! Furniture that should allow for a reading lamp behind it! Yay for new furniture. Pictures to come. Any suggestions as to where to purchase a nice floor lamp? Home Depot? Ikea?

On the crafting front, I'm working on a Secret Project, which I will reveal once the intended recipient receives it. It's small and quick and much fun, but I finished it wrong the first time, so I had to unfinish it, and this weekend I'll finish it again. I am also considering learning to spin, and there's a great post at The Yarn Harlot that kind of gives words to why, even if I didn't realize it before. Work continues on The First Project blanket, now also known as The Great Gauge Experiment, since I've learned the importance of not letting the yarn run away with you. Ahhh... String.

We're babysitting a greyhound at the end of the month for nine days. Red is taller and about 10 pounds heavier than Priest (who was at the vet yesterday and hasn't gained any weight at all), but when Red came over to quickly visit and see how he did on the hardwood and tile, they ran around the house, and the backyard, and seemed to get along really well. So depending on how nine days go (10 minutes isn't really an indication), and if we think that the house is big enough for two of them, Mike and I may see if we can start fostering new hounds that come up for adoption. A second dog is probably not for us right now, but Priest has just brought us so much joy, it's a way to give back for that amazing gift. Yes, I know, I'll cry every time one gets adopted. I'm prepared.


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